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Notable Supporters

Every good monarchical restoration movement needs supporters, especially among the notable, the wealthy, and the aristocracy. Thus we have provided a list of such people who have declared their support for us.

The list below is comprised almost entirely of noblemen, and among them mostly Irish chiefs and chieftains.

The O'Rourke, King of Bréifne

The MacLaughlin, King of Aileach

The MacWard of Cooloorta, Lord of Cooloorta

The O'Houlihan, Lord of Muintir Cionaetha

The MacGowan, Lord of Ballynagowan

Monarchist Action

The Imperial Baroness of Klingen

The MacKinney, Lord of Trough

The Graf von Koschembahr and Baron von Ossen

The 17th Earl of Barrymore

The O'Shannon, Lord and Chief of Uí Ronghaile

The O'Derry, Erenagh of Derry

Chief of Clan Corrie, Laird of Hutton

The 10th Marquis de Beynes

The MacAvoy, Chief of Tuath Fiodhbhuidhe

The Order of Augustus

The O'Toole of O'Toole's Castle, Lord of Ballymacledy

The O'Foran, Chief of the Name

The O'Dullany, Lord of Upperwoods

The O'Neill of Shane's Castle, Lord of Lower Clandeboye

The MacJordan de Exeter, 43rd Lord of Athleathan

The Order of Saint Emperor Constantine the Great

Movimento Borbonico Legittimista

The (rightful) Viscount Savage

Prince Antonius Palaiologos

The 7th Laird of Ormaig, Chief of Clan MacQuarrie

Chief of Clan Young, Lord of Youngstown and Gareston

Adam ben Benjamin, Head of the Tribe of Asher

Baron FitzTurgis de Wickersley

Clan Browne, of the Tribes of Galway

Chief of Clan MacLellan, Lord of Kirkcudbright

Pending response

The O'Regan, Prince of Lagore

The O'Dugan, Lord of Fermoy

The O'Keoghane, Chief of the Name

The O'Donnell Fionn, Lord of Dungloe

Sean O'Neill, Steward of the O'Neill Clan

The Altgraf of Reifferscheid

The (rightful) King of Deheubarth, Gethin ap Gruffydd

The 48th Laird of Kinlochmouidart

The Laird of Ashintully, Chief of Clan Spalding

The MacMullen, Lord of Gallenbreagh

The O'Mannion, King of Soghain

The O'Kissaine, Lord of Kenmare

The MacNally, Lord of Strabane

The O'Gallagher, Lord of Tirhugh

The Smyth, Lord of Smythstown

Pending response

The MacGrath, Lord of Isle McGrath

The O'Kelley, Prince of Knowth

The O'Brien of Carrigogunnell, 13th Earl of Lismore

The O'Grahan, 1st Baron of Ballyboy

The Holy Roman Empire Association

The House of Monek

The O'Connor Bréifne, Lord of Erris

The Laird of Sudie

The Lord of Ballourthy

The O'Doyle, Lord of Waterford

The O'Higgins of Monteige, Lord of Monteige

Clan Martin, of the Tribes of Galway

The O'Morchoe of Clonroche, Lord of Clonroche

The MacGuiness, Lord of Iveagh

The MacAdam, Lord of Rathcormac

Pending response

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