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Educational Reforms

Ireland is actually doing quite well for itself in terms of education, coming in twentieth place out of all other nations in 2021. However, that is not as good as it could be, for starters, and for another, what are the children learning? Children are only a small part of Ireland's population, but they are the entirety of its future, so what we are teaching them is unfathomably important.



Schools Gaeilge-primary

We wholeheartedly believe that schools should stop teaching Gaeilge as a second language and have the entire schooling experience be in Gaeilge, with the exception of classes for learning a foreign language, such as English.


Irish history

The history curriculum in Ireland is woefully underwhelming. It mostly focuses on post-Jacobite Ireland. There is little about the Mythic Era, or the ancient saints, or the High Kings. Most Irish people are under the impression that Brian Bórumha was the last High King of Ireland, or even the only. They have hardly heard of the Annals of Ireland. Did you know Ireland is called "The Land of Saints and Scholars"? Do you know why? If you do, it is doubtful you learned in school.



Michael Collins Day

October 16 should become a national holiday known as Michael Collins Day, and there should be no schooling on that day.


University costs

Post-graduate education in Ireland is expensive, ranging from €3,000-€30,000. We think these prices should be capped at €7,000. That is still a lot of money, and will not leave the poor kids destitute when they are done.

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