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An ongoing, meticulous chore.

We are working hard to identify the heirs of Irish chiefs and chieftains from the various finte. The noble ones take precedence for the time being, but we do not pass up an opportunity to archive any chief or chieftain.

The criteria we use tend to be that of Edward MacLysaght. We are aware of the legitimacy of tanistry as opposed to primogeniture, but given that false claimants have used tanistry to assert their claims, we cannot rely on it very well, unfortunately.

Recognising Chiefs and Chieftains: Text


If you're claiming to be a chief or chieftain of an Irish sept, then we actually have a way for you to seek recognition with us. Please note that applying does not guarantee recognition, and being recognised does not mean you are guaranteed as the holder of or senior claimant to the title. If it is found that there is a more senior claimant while you are filling the position, then at the end of the year the more senior claimant will begin to fill the position. However, displaced chiefs and chieftains will become Knights of the Order of the Shamrock, and will hopefully be granted the opportunity to be advisors or stewards to the new titleholder.

Recognising Chiefs and Chieftains: Text


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