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The Border

Come on, now, we all know which border this is referencing. The one between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The Irish Border has been a matter of considerable contention, to put it mildly, ever since the partition, but particularly since Billy Reid shot an active-duty British soldier, Gunner Curtis, in 1971, effectively kicking off The Troubles.

About the Border Issues

Thankfully, The Troubles ended in 1999 with the Belfast Agreement, also called the Good Friday Agreement. However, tensions have been on the rise over the Border ever since Brexit was announced. Of course, the actions of Westminster are out of Irish hands, which is precisely why Northern Ireland should rejoin the rest of Ireland. After all, if it belongs to Britain, then why is it in Ireland?

There has actually been rapidly increasing support for Irish reunification over the past decade. According to recent polls, at least half would vote in-favour of a united Ireland. This is not surprising, considering the majority of Northern Ireland voted to have the United Kingdom stay in the European Union instead of leave.

This would effectively end all border disputes and other issues with it, and would also see British troops completely gone from Ireland for the first time in nearly nine hundred years.

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