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Tax Reforms

It is no secret that the Irish government over-taxes its people, as do nearly all governments these days. This perhaps came to a head in 2015 when the government tried to squeeze even more money out of the over-taxed Irish population for water, something that covers nearly three quarters of the planet.

In fact, according to journalist Paul O'Donoghue, "MIDDLE-INCOME EARNERS in Ireland pay some of the highest tax rates in the OECD and more than their equivalents in Sweden, a new report has found."

Here we propose some solutions to taxes, charges, and their problems in Ireland.

Income tax

The income tax has no place in a modern, free nation. The government has no business taking your money just because they want to. It is your money and you already pay too much for them to spend it not giving back to the people. We propose that it should be done away with.

The Dole

This is sometimes a touchy matter, but we believe that the restrictions on the dole in Ireland are simply not strict enough. The reason it is really an issue is because hard-working taxpayers pay for these people to be unemployed, and there is little incentive for people receiving dole to get a job.

Car Tax

You are taxed to use your car, yet it supposedly belongs to you and not the government. You should not have to pay taxes on something that belongs to you.

Excess Use Charge

2015 was apparently not the end of the absurdity of the water tax by Irish Water. Later in 2022, they plan to charge extra for "excessive use of water," despite the Taoiseach's promise in the Spring of last year, 2021. Who are they to decide how much water you need? It falls from the sky the entire summer long!

Taxing politicians

Politicians in Ireland, on average, make upward of €96,000. We believe they should be subject to pay at least 20% more in taxes, and that only they should be subject to income tax(es).

Electricity Tax

Another thing they tax you on is your electricity. We do not think they should stop percé, but we believe the cost should be capped at €50 per month.


Irish Tax Haven

Here is another little tidbit you may find interesting.

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