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Decline of Gaeilge

It is no secret that the Irish language is still in decline. We are sure that those of you in Ireland who were required to learn it in primary school with the most cheesy, stereotype-inspired instructors imaginable are sick and tired of it, especially as many see it as irrelevant in the modern age. However, the Irish language is very near and dear to Prince Díolún's heart, as it is to all of our hearts at the Imperator Scottorum Association.

The solution?

We have many ideas on how to solve the Gaeilge Crisis. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Make all schools Gaeilge-primary. One of the biggest problems is that the government allows schools to be English-primary, as long as all students are learning Irish as a second language in primary school, but they are not required to continue with it after that. The solution would be to have all schools and classes taught in Irish and then students can choose whether or not they want to learn English as a second language.

  2. That is all well and good, but if there is no incentive to speak it after school, then people will simply not do it. This is why the government should remove English as one of Ireland's official languages. Furthermore, all government functions and documents should be in Gaeilge and the official English translations removed.

  3. All businesses should be required to convert to Gaeilge-primary in Ireland. The best way to learn a language is out of necessity to do so. It causes a person to pick up on it quicker. This would also prevent many foreign, multi-billion-dollar companies from coming into Ireland and buying up Irish businesses or putting them out of business, which also means more jobs for Irish people.


If you have ideas on how to revive and revitalise Gaeilge, please reach out to us!

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