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Political Reforms


We have a few ideas for reforms that we believe would greatly benefit Ireland. Most of the ones we put here are restrictions on politicians, too.

Suggested Reforms


Term limits

All political positions in Ireland, especially that of Taoiseach, should have term limits, not just the President. All positions should be limited to two terms total, consecutive or not.


Public issues

All Oireachtas meetings, both of Dáil and Seanad, should be required to have at least one hour at the beginning to allow the common people to come in and voice their concerns and opinions.


Return the King

This should also come as no surprise. Surely you did not forget that one of our goals is to have Prince Díolún reseated on his ancestors' throne.


Age limit

Nobody running for a political office or incumbent in the political office should be over the age of 65.


Noble Titles

Under current Irish law, no Irish citizen can accept any title of nobility without the consent of the government. It should come as no surprise that we seek to change that. We think that no Irish citizen should be able to accept any foreign title of nobility without the government's consent.


Chiefs of the Name

Resurrect the practice of officially recognising hereditary Chiefs of the Name, but employ competent people. People like Prince Díolún and Dr. Sean J. Murphy have put countless unpaid hours into researching such things.

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