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Affordable Housing

We understand that this is a bit of a crisis in Ireland, especially among young folk. According to Irish Central, Dublin was voted the worst city in the world in which to find affordable housing. For a nation quite famous for having the western half in poverty, this is a serious problem. Here we will suggest some solutions.

We understand that Sinn Féin seems to be leading the fight for affordable housing. It should be noted that we are not working with them in this matter but would appreciate the opportunity to.

Land stewardship

This was touched upon on our Environment Work page. The idea is that there are made many more national parks, natural preserves, and nature reservoirs, and then people can obtain a small plot of land within them on which to build a house, which they can live in free of tax on the house and land, but they and those who live with them are require and expected to take care of the park, preserve, or reservoir in which they reside.

Castle restorationism

Another idea to help with homelessness and affordable housing would be offering people the opportunity to live in some of the old, abandoned castles, many of which have fallen into disrepair, on the condition that they restored the castles accurately and then allowed tours, which the inhabitants could keep the profits from.

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