Living Members of the Immediate Royal Family


Prince Dáibhid

Prince-Regent, Duke of Munster

Duke of Munster, and Regent. Son of Prince Fionnladh. United States Air Force veteran.


Prince Críostóir, MBA

Duke of Ulster

Son of Prince Dáibhid, father of Prince Díolún. Professional banker and manager. Duke of Ulster.


Princess Samhraidhín

Queen-Mother, Duchess of Ulster

Consort of Prince Críostóir, and therefore Duchess of Ulster. She is also a Princess of Bréifne in her own right as a member of the Ó Ruairc dynasty.


Titular High King

Son of Prince Críostóir and Princess Samhraidhín. Claimant to the Irish Throne. Well-read in history, and a speaker of Irish, German, and English, he is learning Spanish and would like to learn many more languages.


Prince Ándrías

Flaith of Inishmurray

Prince of Inishmurray and Duke of Wexford. Second son and child of Prince Críostóir and Princess Samhraidhín. He has talent as an athlete and a vast intellectual capacity for science.


Princess Éire

Princess Royal

The third and youngest child of Prince Críostóir and Princess Samhraidhín. Undoubtedly the most energetic of the family.