The Society of Ancient Irish Religion

The Society of Ancient Irish Religion, also known as the Society of Senchus was founded by His Royal Highness Prince Díolún on 23 July, 2021. The purpose that Prince Díolún had in mind was to de-Christianise the old Irish mythology so that we could understand it as our ancestors did and perhaps gain insight into the distant past. It eventually evolved, however, and is now a quasi-independent organization, still loyal to His Royal Highness, which seeks the revival of druids and Gaelic paganism in a mostly scholarly fashion. The Royal Druidic Order is under the supervision of the Ard-Druí, a member of the Royal Court.

Constitution of the Society of Ancient Irish Religion

This is the Constitution of the Society of Ancient Irish Religion, as proposed by SianLuc and approved by Cinngeto and Prince Díolún on 23 July, 2021. The Royal Druidic Order carries the following principles:

Article I

To ensure that the ancient religion of Ireland is safeguarded.

Article II

To carry out personal and national rites to the proper condition.

Article III

To give philosophical advice to the high king and the royal family.

Article IV

To ensure that the high king and his royal family fit the requirements of being a high king and to ensure that he keeps within his traditions. Including his Fir Flaithemon.

Article V

To confirm that Druidic knowledge and knowledge of the ancient Irish religion and heritage is protected and safe guarded and that there is no misinformation.

Article VI

To protect Ireland and her people against religious and spiritual threats and to enact the proper rites against her enemies.

Article VII

To find, and translate all documents concerning Ireland, her people and their traditional religions and to convert it into the bardic oral tradition and safeguard this knowledge.

Article VIII

To act as custodians and protectors for sacred sites and temples.

Article IX

To ensure that proper law and justice is permeated throughout the land.

Article X

To teach Ireland of her grand history and the dé and andé therein.

Article XI

To carry out rituals in order to keep order with the Tuatha Dé and protect Ireland and her people from the forces of the Fomóire.

The order's positions and their roles


To remember traditional Gaelic songs and create and recount accounts and tales of Ireland’s present and past. Including mythology.


To act as a seer and practise divination.


The main scholars and theologians. Memorised religious texts and philosophical traditions.


Poets and scholars.


Memorised traditional Gaelic law.


Historians. Their main purpose is to know, understand, and keep oral record of Irish history.


To protect and maintain religious sites, to construct or reconstruct them as well.


Great scholars of which bards, filí, and seannchaí are all a part of. They are the teachers and masters of others within the society.