Cosmology, Philosophy, and Theology



Here is the information we can provide (courtesy of Archdruid SianLuc):

The directions and the wind are important in Irish lore and therefore need to elaborated upon.

Here are the four winds and their associations:
The West wind is the pale wind, it blows from the realm of Mannanin mac Lir.

The East wind is smiling purple, blowing from Britain.

The Southern wind is the brilliant White, it is pure and wonderous in its form brining with it the sure red and yellow from the east and the green and pale, carrying the fruits for the trees on it branches.

Thus are the brave winds

Then comes the Northern wind, moaning and black in colour from the land of the death.


In terms of philosophy, the Society has not done much work on existential thought, but one thing they are interested in and are working on is morality, like what the ancient Gaels thought of as morally and culturally acceptable and unacceptable.

The Society is also working on a book called The Wisdom Book.


The Society of Ancient Irish Religion are staunch polytheists meaning they don’t believe in monism or anything like that. They also practise divination.