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The Irish Rite

One of the Celtic Rites of Insular Catholicism

The Irish Rite is one of many rites from the Early Church. It is a part of Insular Catholicism, more commonly known as Celtic Christianity. There were others, such as the Cornish and Welsh Rites. We do, however, hope to someday be in communion with Rome. A website is in progress for the whole of the Ecclesia Insularis (Insular Catholic Church).

  • Founded: 445 by Saint Patrick

  • Current Head: vacant

  • Sui iuris church: Irish Rite

  • Denomination: Catholic

  • Official Language: Gaeilge & Latin


Why the Irish Rite?

It is a great shame that Christianity has been on its way out in Ireland over the last several years, so we thought this might help.

We will not be forcing anybody to submit to the Irish Rite, obviously, but we think part of the issue with Catholicism in Ireland (besides certain events in the 1990's) is that the Irish are tired of being controlled by foreign cities, whether it be London or Rome. We feel that a more native form of Christianity is in order, to make it so that people feel less like they are being forced to participate in a foreign culture.

Notable Saints

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